Our Services

Established in 1997, we offer a variety of services to corporations, governments and educational institutions.

Under the name FuturAges, we issue a newsletter on the major trends and the changes they forebode, undertake full studies on drivers and their impact,

We hold seminars and workshops as well as organizing conferences on these topics.

We also arrange one-to-one consulting sessions helping corporations or public institutions develop a foresight analysis of their own industries and highlighting possible impacts of the major game-changing trends.

The assistance of one of our consultants in establishing or revising a strategic plan that takes the trends and their drivers into account offers a large number of advantages.

An external consultant will help management avoid blind corners that will introduce major biases in the strategic plan. In particular, the consultant will be very familiar with the various possible impacts of a particular trend thus allowing for the strategic plan to take into account the latest developments on a particular driving force.


Innovax organizes discussion workshops on topics related to the future.

The workshops offer the opportunity to compare and contrast views on the drivers leading to disruptive change. They are a response to the needs we all feel to address issues that are diverse in nature but that will fashion tomorrow’s world.

The meetings allow the participants to develop a broad view of future developments and their impact on society. They stimulate analysis, discussion and deep thinking in a frank and open exchange. New approaches and new tools are presented as methodologies to create scenarios.

They also allow participants to network.